Tecknagas ensures
gas cylinder

Our international patented solution provides external protection to gas cylinders during handling. Easy to fit TECKNAGAS protection rings are extending the life of 5L to 50 L compressed gas cylinders.

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Extended life expectancy of compressed gas cylinders

Improve the external protection of gas cylinders

Tecknagas protection rings act as real « bumpers » for your gas cylinders. In providing your cylinders with Tecknagas protection rings, you are increasing their resistance to external damage from :

  • External corrosion generated by transport pallets
  • External corrosion generated by shocks between cylinders
  • Puncturing
  • Dents

The raw materials selected for the manufacturing permit the Tecknagas rings to be 100% non-toxic and recyclable. Furthermore, they offer an excellent resistance to :

  • Acids
  • UV
  • Humidity
  • Thermal shock (+80°C / -40°C)
  • Optionnal Anti Bacterial rings Silver Ion additive
  • Several colours available

Easily and rapidly fitted to the gas cylinder

Up to 150 protection rings fitted per hour

We have developed specific equipment to fit the protection rings to the gas cylinders.

Thanks to the guiding rails of the heat tunnel combined with the 3 levels of the expansion table.

It is possible to fit :

  • 150 B5/B10 rings per hour
  • 100 B15 or B20 rings per hour
  • 80 B50 rings per hour

The origin of Tecknagas
protection rings

« Bumper » against external corrosion

Translog, the protection rings designer, was originally a manufacturer of labels, specializing in industrial marking for gas manufacturers. In permanent contact with the units in charge of the maintenance and inspection of gas cylinders, Translog listened to their concerns.

The origin of this product stems from a request from the medical and industrial gas manufacturing sector to find a convenient, economic and lasting solution to protect the gas cylinders against external corrosion.

A type of “bumper” positioned where the cylinders rub against transport pallets was rapidly invented.

The first industrial tests were completed between the years of 2000 and 2010. After testing and validating the protection ring's technical characteristics, we designed and developed the fitting equipment. The aim was to create an installation system allowing a high turn-over of fitting and a durability of product in excess of our industrial customer's expectations.

In 2010, to finalize the protection rings’ installation process, we worked with the physical and chemical polymer team from the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research of Environmental Materials (IPREM) at Pau University - FRANCE.

The desired technical evolutions have thus been achieved by partnering with a plastic injection specialist under the control of IPREM.

A lasting and
simple solution

Heat – Stretch – Position : More than 500 000 cylinders equipped in 5 years

Less than 3 minutes to equip your cylinders with 2 or 3 protection rings which will protect them against corrosion and avoid waste items during periodic inspection.

Tecknagas provides you with a complete pack, (heating tunnel and expansion table) facilitating a quality installation and ensuring a protection of at least 5 years on your gas cylinders.

Evolution of the cylinders Park equipped with Tecknagas rings between 2010 and 2016

  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2021
  • 900000
  • 800000
  • 700000
  • 600000
  • 500000
  • 400000
  • 300000
  • 200000
  • 100000
  • 0

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acid resistant

life expectancy over 5 years

uv resistant

thermal shock resistant (-40°C + 80°C)

Up to 4 mm thickness

Non-toxic and 100% recyclable

humidity resistant

6 available sizes

Thickness from 1.5 to 4 mm.

  • Diameter from 140 mm to 244 mm.
  • Tecknagas protection rings are suitable for 5L to 50 L compressed gas cylinders.

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